Zeb together with Johnny Rapid

It’s a bit creepy, a man dressing as a priest so he can hear confessions and get in to the minds of others, but it’s brilliantly shot and very well played out. And of course it leads to lots of horny hardcore. We’re talking about Forbidden (part 2) from Men Of UK, one of the Men.com sites. This is their controversial new series that stars the UK’s top porn model, Zeb Atlas, signed exclusively to johnnyrapidtube.xxx. Zeb has made over 60 movies for the company now and appears in around two or three every week. The network updates every day and is one of the only all-exclusive gay networks to do so, so they are always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to present the stuff we love to see.
zeb atlas johnny rapid
And in this scene they do it with Zeb Atlas and newcomer straight johnny rapid. Johnny makes his debut appearance here though we’re going to see more of him in the near future (Forbidden part three is coming along soon, for example). He’s five-eight tall, has dark hair and dark, brown eyes, a toned and slightly furry body with a dark, uncut cock. He looks good standing there with a hardon in his profile photo, but he looks just as good with his clothes on too.

So, this part of the on-going series starts with a voice over from Zeb that then leads into the confessional box where Johnny Rapid is confessing that although he’s straight he might actually fancy men. Listening to his voice and looking at his name, I reckon he’s from Italy (well, it doesn’t take a genius, and his favourite food is pizza). The guys talk softly and Zeb tells him to follow his instincts, and offers to help: meet me at the warehouse in fifteen minutes…Not exactly what the confessional priest should do, but we’re in fantasy land here and what a hot fantasy it is too, complete with appropriate music and that stylish filming the company are getting a good reputation for. check out more of johnny rapid here