Gay Men Zeb Atlas and Travis Stevens in Porn

Zeb Atlas and Travis Stevens star in the new episode of a fantastic hardcore series made by gay men in porn for ‘Str8 To Gay.’ What would life be like if you fancied the son of your future father in law, your soon to be step-brother? Would you chat to him as much as possible in the hope that eventually he would go to bed with you and you could have that special fuck buddy for the rest of your life? Or would you simply try and ignore the fact because he’s almost family? And you just can’t do that, even though you’re not really related.
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Zeb Atlas plays the slightly older soon-to-be step-brother. He’s looking hot as he’s cooking breakfast in the kitchen with just a towel wrapped around his muscular hips. He goes into a bedroom to wake up his soon-to-be younger brother Travis Stevens. Travis says he’s not going to college today, he is ill. Zeb tries to act the big brother by telling him he’s got to go but Travis isn’t having any of it. He starts acting up and pulls Atlas’s towel off of him revealing his eight and a half inch ginger gay men cock – as you can see at He tells Travis to pick the towel up but he refuses. In fact, he grabs Zeb’s cock in his hand instead, making Zeb jerk away in surprise. Travis tells him that what does he expect if he’s going to dangle his cock in front of his face? Especially as he’s fancied him since their parents started dating. Zeb says it’s not right, but Travis is a very cute guy with cheeky grey eyes, and looks so young and innocent Zeb can’t refuse. You can watch more gay men porn with Zeb Atlas at